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Intermediate course at our surf school

In our Surf Camp we distinguish between surf courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced surfers. This way, every guest who comes to us to learn to surf receives the ideal type of training and wave type for their level. If you have already completed the beginner course or have mastered the take-off in the whitewater without any problems, then the intermediate surf course is the right course for you.

Is the intermediate surf course right for me?

The intermediate surfing course at our surf school follows on from the beginners' course. You will have already gained some experience and confidence in the water and are consistently popping-up in the whitewater - Welcome to the intermediate surf course. Now we step-up to take on the so-called green wave. You'll notice that it's quite different to catching waves in the whitewater, finally it feels like real surfing. The intermediate surf course at our surf school is not only super-fun, but will also make you feel more comfortable and safe in the water, even when you are without a surf instructor. Therefore we also focus on the correct behaviour in the line-up as well as on surfing green waves:

  • Take-off and pop-up in green waves
  • Parallel surfing (riding along the wave to the left or right)
  • Learn your first manoeuvres - the bottom and the top turn and some fun tricks
  • How to position yourself correctly in the line-up
  • We give you crucial advice and feedback and analyse what you can do even better on land.

The intermediate surf course at a glance

Your intermediate surf classes include the following:

  • 5 day surf course (on the other days you can use the board and wetsuit.)
  • Video analysis becomes particularly important at this level and we try to do it at least twice.
  • Additionally we do surf training on land, which you can also use at home. Theory classes are also held on 2 days.
  • You can choose between longboards, funboards, shortboards or fish boards in various sizes. We have the board for every level.
  • Neoprene suits from Billabong & O'Neill
  • Wetsuit and surfboard are available to use the whole week. 

In addition to learning and improving your own surfing technique, all our surf courses focus on fun. We take time to give you exactly what you need to have as nice a time as possible. We look forward to seeing you here soon.

Start your next surfing adventure here

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