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Advanced surf course - Surfing on the Costa de la Luz

The surf course for advanced surfers is aimed at all those who have already mastered the take-off in the green wave and would like to improve their technique.

Advanced surfing course

This os for guests who have been surfing regularly or for a long time and feel comfortable and safe out back. Your take-off is in place and you know the rules of  the line-up – it's time to take it to the next level with our advanced surf course. Our surf instructors will work with you on perfecting your surfing technique during this week.

Advanced surfing in Andalusia

Since we don't practice in white water any more at this level, we will be out back riding peeling waves that best suit your skills. This is either at our home break in El Palmar or at other spots in the area. Surfing on the sunny Costa de la Luz (the Coast of Light), in southern Spain - that's definitely something special. Here in Andalusia you will find beautiful beaches and a range wonderful surf spots to catch the perfect wave in any conditions.

video analysis

An emphasis of the advanced surf course is extensive video analysis. Using this invaluable tool,  we can recognize and work on your strengths and weaknesses together. Such an analysis is great to take your wave riding to the next level and to significantly improve your surfing technique.

Together we improve your surfing technique

As an advanced student you will receive personalised advice for taking on more challenging waves and riding them well. You will also receive at least one video analysis session. Based on our analysis of your technique both in the water and from video we will give you valuable feedback and training drills to increase your individual surfing performance.

The surf course for advanced surfers in detail

Here you will find a detailed overview of the contents of your advanced surf course.

  • 5 day surf course 
  • There are one or two video analysis sessions during the week
  • If required, we can also do surf training on land, which you can use at home.
  • Theory classes are also held on 2 days. You can try out different boards here – longboards, funboards, shortboards, fish. We have something for everyone.
  • Quality wetsuits from Billabong and O'Neill
  • Wetsuit and surfboard are available to use the whole week.

Does that sound good to you? Here you can find all the available dates - take your pick and we'll see you soon for surfing in sunny Spain.

Start your next surfing adventure here

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